A few words about the movie:
It's A Wonderful Life

It wasn't so many years ago that I first was looking for something to watch one night after a rather dull day at work when I found a video tape on my father's dresser that someone at work had loaned him. Not having anything better to do that night I slid the cartridge out of the box, and for the first time watched It's A Wonderful Life all the way through. I have been in love with this movie ever since.

Though relegated to the back of the bus, and called a "Christmas Film", with every UHF station showing it at least once every December, It's A Wonderful Life is far far more than a silly little Christmas season flick. The deeper meaning and messages of this film transcend the simple way that it is treated by the networks and the TV stations. As a matter of fact the movie is about one man's life, from the age of reason through the middle years, with only the last quarter of the film or less being set on Christmas Eve.

Though presented in a simple manner, one which people who don't look deeply call 'corny' or 'idealistic', It's a Wonderful Life presents us all with a theme that recurs over and over again, a deep philosophy, that we each should deeply consider as we move down whatever path fate deals to us. I know of no other film that can deeply and directly show that we each touch one another's lives, either for good or for ill. Though you may never know the ramifications of your actions, everything you do DOES make a difference in one way or another. The film presents the truth that those of good character and morals will most likely make more difference in helping people than they will ever know.

It's A Wonderful Life is truly a film that transcends time, like few other films can, it presents a philosophy that is as valid and meaningful now as ever. In my opinion, it is well worth your time to sit and quietly watch, reflect upon, and take to heart what this film has to say.

Thanks a TON to Stanford Theatre for presenmting this on the big screen!

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