Personal Firearms Basic Ownership Datasheet
Firearm Type:

rifle - handgun - shotgun - airgun - black powder


Serial Number:


Manufacturer: Other Id No.: 
Caliber: Capacity: 
Model/Type: Weight: 
Barrel Length Barrel Type:Standard - Target - Bull - Other:

Blue - Stainless - Parkerized - Plated (type): _______________ other: ___________________

Circle all that apply
revolver - single shot - semiauto - full auto - lever - bolt - pump - top break - over/under - side by side - single action - double action - double action auto - muzzle loader
Sight Type: Stock Type: 
Scope Info: Rings/Bases: 
Acquisition Information
Obtained From: Id No.: 
name and address
Date Purchased: 
Price Paid:$Replacement Value:$
Special Or Specific Information
Accessories: Best Load: 
Special Marks Or Cartouches: Maint Info: 
Other Notes::
Disposition Information
If I should die I want this firearm to go to:
Gun Sold To: Id No.: 
name and address
Date Sold: 
Selling Price:$Lost/Stolen: 
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