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After having been asked innumerable times for M1 Garand book recommendations, I have decided to offer a very few suggestions through this website.

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Scott Duff Books

The M1 Garand WWII

Order from Amazon

M1 Garand World War II Vol. 1

or from the author: The M1 Garand: WWII

I have long wanted to offer Scott Duff books on this site, but does not Mr. Duff's books! I am VERY pleased to now be able to offer these books from a TRUE expert.

These six items are offered by Scott Duff on his book website. Scott Duff is widely considered the Preeminent expert on the M1 Garand and several other military weapons. I make no money on these six items but I offer links as a public service.

Scott Duff also sells other items of interest on his website including complete rifles, parts, and accessories.

Once in a great while Mr. Duff will have truly exclusive items such as goods from the estate of Mr. Garand himself.

M1 Garand Post WWII

Oder from Amazon:

The M1 Garand: Post World War II

The M1 Garand: Post WWII

20th Century Bayonets

American Military Bayonets of the 20th Century - a Guide for Collectors, Including Notes on makers, Markings, Finishes, Variations, Scabbards, and Production Data

American Military Bayonets Of The 20th Century

M1 Garand Owners Guide

Order from The M1 Garand: Owner's guide

Or directly from the author The M1 Garand Owners Guide

Data Sheets and Serial Numbers

Order from The M1 Garand: Serial numbers & data sheets

M1 Garand Serial Numbers And Data Sheets

Rock Island Rifle 1903

Order from Amazon Rock Island rifle, model 1903

Rock Island Rifle Model 1903

Edward "CJ" Clancy Items

Garand PapersGarand Papers 2
The Garand Papers.

Parts One And Two!
Two big volumes! A treasure trove and a real treat for the Garand Collector or historian. Original papers taken from Ordinance files.
These three items are offered by CJ "Edward" Clancy on his website I make no money on these two items but I offer links as a public service Garand Papers CD
The Garand Papers CD

is about 14 minutes of old Signal Corps footage taken about 1940 on production of the M1 Garand.

Matt Bracken's Trilogy
The following three books are not directly related to the M1 Garand but indeed are FICTION books, novels about an America with severely restricted gun rights. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of each as they are released.

These three items will be offered by Matthew J Bracken on his website I make no money on these two items but I offer links as a public service

Enemies Foreign & Domestic

Author Matthew J. Bracken who spends some time on a great firearms forum called has authored a new book that I found to be very entertaining and a little frightening in its plausibility.

Enemies Foreign And Domestic by Matthew Bracken is a real winner. It can be ordered

from Amazon by clicking this link: Enemies Foreign and Domestic


directly from the author!

Domestic Enemies

Author Matthew J. Bracken who wrote Enemies Foreign And Domestic will soon be releasing the second of this three part series titled Domestic Enemies

It can be ordered direct from the author or by clicking the following link: Enemies Foreign and Domestic

cover art not yet available

COMING Someday!

Author Matthew J. Bracken who wrote Enemies Foreign And Domestic and Domestic Enemies is now writing the third novel in this 3 book trilogy. This one will be called Foreign Enemies.

The release date is some quite time off as he is just now starting to write the final book. (June 2006)

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