( August 24, 1945 )

Jack Shoup, a long time Yosemite Valley engineer, was at the throttle on this trip. He and his fireman were kind to the photographers - a shovel full of sand pitched into the firebox gives a fine blast of heavy smoke for the cameras.

It must be noted, some "scribes" write articles about the YVRR often refer to the last run on August 24, 1945 from El Portal. That would have been impossible to do because the trestle at Bagby had burned in the summer of 1945. The final run was only a round trip to Merced Falls to fetch a few cars.

Photo: Alfred Rose
At Edendale and heading to Merced Falls.

Fahrens Creek Crossing
Crossing Fahrens Creek and its tulies

On the plains of Merced County
Crossing the eastern plains of Merced County

Crossing the Merced River
Crossing the Merced River near Hopeton

Merced Falls - final run
Pulling into Merced Falls

Heading to be turned on the merry go round
Merced Falls, Caboose has been cut off,
heading to the merry-go-round to be turned

Resting on the turn table
Number 23 parked on the turn table for it's last official time,
Jack Shoup appears to be "Oiling Around"

Heaing to Merced for the last time
The final official crossing of the Merced River.

Heaing to Merced for the last time
The last consist has been coupled into the train,
now train is crossing the Merced River on it's way to Merced

When I first bought these photographs, at a Railroad Show, I thought they were the handy work of Alfred Rose. I showed these photos to Al, he told me they were not his photography. He did say there was another fellow, whom he didn't know, taking pictures at the same locations as he.

The top photograph was snapped by Al.