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WELCOME ABOARD!                The Yosemite Valley Railroad, the Merced Canyon Route to the Yosemite National Park, and partake memories of a short railroad, but very proud, that transported Presidents, Kings, Emperors, Queens, Royalty, dignitaries, and citizens to the gates of the Yosemite Valley in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

Support the troops of the United States of America
Number 29 and her consist of varnish ready to depart Merced.
The YosemiteValley Railroad .com website is primarily devoted to the history of the Yosemite Valley Railroad/Railway. There is also historic information on Merced and Mariposa, Yosemite National Park, El Portal, and the Merced Canyon as well as other historic railroads.
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Rest in Peace Dad :-( It is with extreme regret that we let visitors of this site know that Clayton Guest, the owner and webmaster of this site passed away in 2015. We will keep this site on the air as long as we can afford to do so.
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