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Welcome to the Its A Wonderful Life Webring Rules Page!

Well, like any organized society, our little family has a couple of rules that we ask our members to respect. We don't want to be oppressive about this, so please use common sense and remember that this is a family-oriented ring.


Our Rules

Ring Specific:
1) IAWL Content Needed: If you want to be a member of the It's A Wonderful Life Webring you must have a page or a website devoted to IAWL. (Pretty obvious, huh?)

2) Webring Navigational Code Location: You must put the ring direction table on the very FIRST page that people will see when they come to your site via the ring. Please do not hide it on another page.

3) Webring Code In Place: Before being added to the ring, you must have html for the ring in place and operational on your page. This means that you must have placed the code supplied by webring on your page.


Legal Agreement

1) You agree by joining this ring that you will hold permanently harmless and indemnify all other participants and managers of this ring with any legal or civil action which pertains to anything on your site.

2) You agree that anything that appears on your pages is 100 percent your responsibility and/or liability if you become engaged in any legal situation. You agree that no other member of the ring is responsible for your content and that you alone bear all consequences and actions with regard to your pages.

3) You stipulate that the ring serves the purpose only of acting as a signpost pointing people to self-described sites, and that it is neither a recommendation nor an approval of said webpages.

4) You agree not to post any illegal items of any kind on a page associated with this ring. This includes anything civilly or criminally actionable of any kind whatsoever.

5) You agree to the items on the Legal Page.



1) Positive To IAWL: The webpage in the ring must have to do with IAWL in a generally positive way. (We certainly encourage debate and critical examination of the film, but wish to leave flaming to other rings.)

2) NO Adult Content: The webpage must not link to or have on it any adult-oriented material of any kind. VERY mild profanity is acceptable, but again, we want a ring that families can feel free to let their children visit and not be offended.

3) Commercial Sites OK - Sometimes: Commercial sites are allowed, but only the ringmasters consult and agree after visiting the site. We want to have sites that are IAWL related which will enhance the ring. For this reason it becomes a judgment call and we reserve the right to approve or deny based on our feelings of how it will enhance or detract from our community. We have yet to deny a site for 'over-commercialization'.

4) Old Ring Buttons: Old members of the webring and also any new members who care to do so may use the following Webring Navigational Buttons. You must download them to YOUR website not call the graphics from ours:

Previous Site Button IAWLprev.jpg next Site Button IAWLnext.jpg

It's A Wonderful Life Webring Button IAWLring.jpg


Termination Of Service and Ring Invitation

1) You agree that this is an "at will" relationship for both yourself and the ring, and that either party may terminate association for any reason with or without prior notification.

2) You agree that the ringmasters have the right to refuse entrance to the ring to anyone for any reason.

Isn't it sad that a simple fan type web page ring has the need to post such things?



If you have read and agreed to the above pleass select this link to join the It's A Wonderful Life Webring.


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This page last updated on; December 4, 2003

The members and management of this webring are simply a group of fans who love this great motion picture. We do not have any connection whatsoever to Republic Pictures, Liberty Films, or any other group or commercial entity involved with the production, distribution, advertising, or any other official function of making or distributing this fine film. All trademarks, servicemarks, copyrights and other rights remain the property of the companies, corporations, studios, and entities involved.

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