Soldier Holding an M1 Garand MemorablePlaces Proudly Presents: The M1-Garand Rifle
An American Companion in Three Wars
The M1 Garand Rifle An American
Companion In Three Wars

Until a few years ago I had never actually considered buying an M1. I have always been much more interested in handguns than in rifles, due in part to my training and experience, and due in part to a lack of familiarity with long-guns.

Late in 1999 however events would come to pass that would change all of that. First, I became involved in building a website for Tactical Intervention Specialists - a company that manufactures long range tactical rifle slings. The owner promised to teach me a bit about 'the art of the rifle' and so I purchased a nice bolt action Winchester.

Through TIS I was introduced to Jerry Rice of Nor-Cal Precision. Jerry builds high precision long-range rifles. One thing led to another and in exchange for some work on my Winchester I built him a website too. So... in short I was hooked! My handgun days were certainly NOT over but an interest in and admiration of rifles was now in my blood... and I was expanding my horizons.

Just as I became comfortable with my new bolt-action, (in about October of 1999), it came to my attention that the US Government was disposing of surplus M1 Garand rifles. I have always had an interest in history and M1s are nothing if not historic.

As I looked into the surplus program, concern was running very high that the Clinton - Gore Administration was considering shutting down the program and melting down the remaining M1s in the armories. That was enough for me! My sense of history and my love of the shooting sports compelled me to become a curator of one of these pieces of living history and I am very glad I did.

This website is devoted to my experiences with the M1 Garand Rifle. I do NOT purport to be an expert of any kind on the M1. This website seeks solely to communicate my experiences and opinions on the legendary M1 Garand. Painfully little of this information was of my own deduction or reasoning. Most of what you see here I gleaned from people on the web and from books. I am always looking for new information and insight. If you happen to find an error on these pages let me know!

Please click on the images to the left and enjoy the M1 Garand - An American Companion In Three Wars website. Please also read the website credits and about the tribulations and triumphs of this site here: Behind The Scenes Of My M1 Garand Page.

I hope you enjoy what has become known as "Charles' M1 Newbie page." I'd love to hear from you if you have questions or comments.


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