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White Lettering On Firearms
How We Make Beautiful White Lettering
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A Few Final Words:

The white lettering as explained here is pretty rugged, but it is not permanent. It may be removed by a number of means including a scrubbing with solvent or alcohol with a toothbrush.

Under normal circumstances however it is pretty hardy. The photo below shows a barrel date which was marked with this process 2 years and hundreds of rounds of ammunition ago. Several cleanings later this marking is still quite visible despite the fact that it is usually covered in a light coat of grease.

Barrel Date white lettered on an M1 Garand

Some folks go overboard and mark drawing numbers, heat lots, and any other number of items. We do not know who these people are but it takes a LONG time to use up a whole China Marker.

drawing and heat lot numbers sometimes highlighted

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Enjoy the sharp look of the white lettering
Pretty Aint It?

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