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Step Three: Clean The Area Thoroughly

After numerous experiments we have found that a surface that is totally devoid of any grease or oil of any kind makes for better results. To this end the firearm is thoroughly cleaned and then the area around the writing to be highlighted is completely degreased.

We have used rubbing alcohol with very good results. SO FAR there have been no bad reactions between it and the parkerizing or bluing on any of our weapons HOWEVER it is imperative that we always check on an inconspicuous place whether or not this remains true. Testing of the area should be done for at least 4 times as long as it is expected that the alcohol will be used on the exposed surfaces

When the test has been completed we use a paper towel and thoroughly wet it with 99 percent isopropyl alcohol. The reason we use such a high concentration is because it seems more effective than the 70 percent and also because there is less water in it. Obviously water and firearms don't mix well.

99 percent alcohol

It is important to scrub the lettering very very well in both circular and side to side motions. A toothbrush may also be used especially if the lettering is deeper. This step is very important. All traces of oil and grease or other impurities should be removed from the lettering and the area around it.

We are careful not to touch this area subsequent to the cleaning. The oil in the skin, while not terribly significant can still affect the process slightly.

clean the lettering and area around it thoroughly

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