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CMP M1 Garand Rifle Ammunition

One way to impress me as a customer when I order anything by mail is to make sure it is secure and shipped in good strong packaging. I am happy to note that the folks at CMP apparently took due diligence in making certain that our ammunition would arrive safely.

We were very pleased to see that the ammo we would be feeding our M1 garand Rifles was securely packaged and shipped in a very professional manner. The metal cases that held the Garand ammo had... well let me just continue in order here.

Opening Boxes Of M1 Garand Ammo

All of the boxes that we received were made of reasonably thick cardboard and were buffered on the inside with a couple of extra cardboard sheets.

The invoice for the ammunition was easy to locate being tucked right on top where it should be.

Packing Slip For M1 Ammo

One kinda classy little touch that I appreciated was that both the ball ammo and match-grade ammo cans were nestled in with the original wooden case ends. This provided a little extra padding as well as validation of the contents. Don't ask me why but we decided to keep these silly things as momentos...

Boxes of Rifle Ammunition

It was now time to open the boxes and find out what was included. We started with the big Match Grade ammo boxes...

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