Soldier Holding an M1 Garand MemorablePlaces Proudly Presents: The M1-Garand Rifle
An American Companion in Three Wars
The M1 Garand Rifle An American
Companion In Three Wars
Introduction is pleased to offer the M1 Garand aficionado community the following wallpaper for your systems.

Click on the image below that you would like to consider using for wallpaper. You will be taken to another page where the image will load full size and you will be presented with directions on how to make it your wallpaper there.


M1 Garand on 48 Star Flag - No Bayonet
45 Percent Actual Size Image

M1 garand No Bayonet

M1 Garand on 48 Star Flag - With Bayonet
45 Percent Actual Size Image

M1 Garand With Bayonet

"American Icons" (Designed By A Reader of This Site)
45 Percent Actual Size Image

American Icons Including The Garand


If you have any questions or corrections please feel free to write me.


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