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How We Make Beautiful White Lettering
On Our Rifles & Other Firearms

White lettering on a Mossberg Model 44 rifle.

The next few pages are set forth to illustrate how I make white lettering on my rifles shotguns and other firearms. This information is presented for informational purposes only and is NOT a guide or directions.

White lettering on the rear sight and National Match Oprod of an M1 Garand RifleBecause I feel that it is important to pass on to others a little of what I learn, (and a lot of people have helped to teach this stuff to me), and in response to people asking me how I made the letters and number on the rifle appear so nicely in the photographs on the M1 Garand site, I have decided to present that information here. Before you continue to the next page you must agree to the following:

Please note what this site is and what it is not.

  • It is NOT a guide or instruction manual.
  • It is NOT in any way offering advice.
  • It is NOT a substitute for real training and instruction of any kind.
  • It IS intended as a source to illustrate how I do things.
  • It IS up to you to seek out REAL training from an expert and not rely on this page.

READ THIS: For obvious reasons I do NOT recommend any of the procedures written about on this website. This is, for good or for ill, how *I* work on my firearms. I have not been trained by any experts and I may be doing something dangerous to myself or to my firearms. Do NOT try any of these techniques yourself. Get a competent and certified gunsmith to help and instruct you you. By continuing further you must agree to indemnify and hold harmless all persons or companies connected with this website and affirm that you are going to use this information solely as a window of education into how the writer works on his own property and as such you understand that it may be a window into a fools paradise and will hold all parties associated totally harmless. DO NOT TRY ANYTHING LISTED ON THE FOLLOWING PAGES.

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