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How We Make Beautiful White Lettering
On Our Rifles & Other Firearms

Welcome to the "White Lettering" section of our website! In this section you will learn how the author makes serial numbers and other engraved letters or numbers clearly visible on his firearms. This process is basically a simple one which requires filling in the letters with a substance that will contrast with the blue or parkerized background. In these illustrations white is used, but the same process can be done on a stainless steel firearm using black.

Step One: UNLOAD and Check, then CHECK AGAIN!

When handling firearms responsible owners will ALWAYS start off with a physical and visual inspection of the weapon to assure that it is unloaded. This means removing the magazine if any, opening the action, examining the chamber, and making damn sure the weapon does not have any rounds or cartridge casings in it. It is the authors practice to do this when he first picks up or is handed a firearm and then again when he is ready to work on it.

The author never works on his weapons when they are loaded or when they have not been checked at least TWICE. It is NOT unreasonable to make it a prerequisite to do this at least two times before doing ANYTHING else with the firearm.



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