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Step Two: Gather Supplies You Will Need

After the weapon has been unloaded and inspected, the supplies needed for this process should be gathered. These are:

  • Two paper towels
  • One soft cotton cloth
  • One white china marker
  • A few ounces of 99 percent Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol

Supplies needed for white lettering

A few words about the "China Marker" since it is the central focus of the process of making white lettering on firearms.

The "China Marker" is just that. "China Marker" is not slang for some other product. It is basically a 'grease pencil' that is marketed by Sanford which is used to mark plates and other ceramic items. Their product number is 02060 for the Peel-Off white marker. They also make this item in other colors, black or red may be used with interesting results on Stainless Steel firearms. As of this writing (March 2002) McWhorters Stationary carries this product or can order it.

Sanford China Marker

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