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Step Five: Remove Most Of the Spillover

The next step will be to remove MOST of the extra grease pencil without removing any of the white from within the lettering. This is a slightly tricky process. To do this step we LIGHTLY moisten another paper towel.

dampen  a towel lightly

Probably the most tricky part of the process is to remove the extra grease pencil. Using the moistened paper towel we now use an up and down or side to side motion to scrub off the smooth part of the metal. It is important to watch very carefully as sometimes pressing too hard will remove the white from inside the letters... then it is back to step 4. As more and more of the white comes off we press less and less hard. The alcohol allows a tiny bit of flow so that some white can actually go INTO the letters if this is done with finesse.

rub off the extra opaque white pencil markings

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