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BlackRapid Fastener

Great little device, but way too expensive

The BlackRapid FR-T1 does exactly what it's supposed to do, but in my opinion, it just costs way too much for what it is.

About 3 years ago, I purchased an OP/TECH dual harness system chiefly because, in my opinion, Black Rapids dual harness system, though beautiful and well built, was just too darn expensive. The problem with the OP/TECH harness, as I've outlined in detail in my review of that product, is that it didn't allow for an inverted orientation of the camera. So instead of spending scores of dollars more on the Black Rapid harness, I simply purchased 3 of these Black Rapid FR-T1 fasteners. At the time, they were significantly cheaper at the local brick and mortar store than they are here at Amazon today.

The Black Rapid FR-T1 does exactly what it's supposed to do and it does it well. The units that I purchased attach firmly to the camera base thanks to an easily compressible rubber washer that keeps the fastener firmly in place. Initially, because this unit doesn't swivel, I had concerns that the FR-T1 might get unscrewed and fall out. After 3 years of using this on various cameras and heavy lenses, I've never had even a hint of this occurring. The loop itself appears to be strong enough to hold cameras of many times the weight of mine and it's always done just exactly what it's supposed to do, even when I've dropped my camera from eye level and let the loop catch it when it bottoms out on the end of the camera strap.

The real downside to this unit, in my opinion, is the price. Like the dual camera harness system that Black Rapid makes, I find the price to be a bit on the overwhelming side. Having said that, I've never seen another unit that looks as good as or works as well as the Black Rapid FR-T1. I just wish they were cheaper.

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