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Charles Guest - Principal Photographer for Memorable Places Photography

Charles has always had a passion for photography from the time he was just a Cub Scout with a Brownie 120 mm camera to now, with his current collection of Nikon DSLRs. Over the last 30 years he's taken literally hundreds of thousands of shots using both old fashioned film and modern digital equipment.

Things have advanced a lot since the days he spent time in his darkroom, but his attention to detail, adventurous spirit and quest to get the best shot has stuck with him and been developed and honed into a level of skill that won him a California Newspaper Publisher Association Award for photojournalism. He also frequently receives compliments and accolades from members of the public, his superiors and many of the subjects whom he photographs.

Charles has obtained a wide variety of photography experience over his lifetime. From taking staged product shots, to capturing the highlight career photos of firefighters, he prides himself on being able to seize the emotion of a moment and preserve it forever via an image.

A small example of his experience and skill is as follows:

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