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Our tiny company designs, builds, and publicizes highly stable and informational websites for a very diverse client base. We provide all webmastering, technical support, e-mail administration, artwork, photography, site organization, website publicity work and much more.

  • We've built websites pro-bono for community groups like Rotary Club and Soroptimists.
  • We were featured in Yahoo Internet Life Magazine and newspapers.
  • We have created a highly acclaimed online technical manual with 454 files.
  • We've created an educational website with over 7,000 files of free and high quality learning materials.
  • Our customers love our work!

    Praise by a client: “…our website was [linked] everywhere and my business was booming. …all done through the internet with no additional monies being spent on advertising.

Almost anyone can make a website these days... so why bother hiring a team and spending the extra money to get one professionally designed?

We offer a variety of reasons to choose Memorable Places for your next website project:

We take care of the tech.

  • We take the confusion out of web design. Give us your project and sit back, if you like. We'll do all the work because you have other things to accomplish without having to mess with what can sometimes be a very frustrating and time consuming process!
    • We can help you obtain a website domain name.
    • We can set up your website hosting plan.
    • We know how to use the correct software to get your site up and running.
    • We can update your site with a minimum of hassle. Just email your updates and we can take care of everything.
  • Our sites do well in search engine results.
    • An example: One of the websites we designed offers a free history curriculum. If you search for free history curriculum, the website we designed ranks 2nd out of 65,900,000 results in the Google search engine (as of this writing).
  • We are available, even late at night, for updates and website emergencies.
  • We continue to update our skills but we avoid using some of the newest cutting edge technology to make sure your website actually works.
  • We cross-test your website in a number of browsers for compatibility.
  • We know what you need and what you don't. We won't try to sell you something that doesn't apply to your website.

Art, Photography & Design

  • We pride ourselves in offering original designs. We don't use "cookie-cutter" templates like some web design businesses. Many website designers are not artists. They are "tech" people. We do both the web design "tech" related jobs and art. While we have the ability to do a clean & sterile look as many web design companies offer, we also have the ability to make original art that brands your site and/or sets it apart. Your website will stand out because it's not like everyone else's. See an example of the Los Banos Tomato Festival "header" (top) graphic with custom painted heirloom tomatoes as an example of our custom art.
  • Our professional photographer can provide custom photos for your website design or content.

We can write your material.

  • We can help you fill your website with text - an important requirement for search engine results and necessary to provide top-notch information for your website visitors. While some of our clients provide us with text, others have us write the entire website content which is approved by the client before the site goes live.

We care about our customers.

  • Don't want to spend $50 every time you need a small item changed? We provide most small updates to our clients free-of-charge. For you, it's less hassle and less expense. For us, it's going the extra mile and building customer loyalty. (We are the final arbitrators as to what is a minor update and what isn't.)
  • We have a track record of proven results and happy customers.

What we can do:

  • Build and organize your website from scratch
  • Update an existing website designed by someone else (in most cases)
  • Create custom artwork for your website
  • Provide custom photography for your website
  • Write text for your website
  • Create your site with search engine optimization in mind
  • Set up and design a blog for you
  • Set up an editable calendar for you
  • Set up a Facebook page for your business
  • Provide basic tech support for your website

What we do NOT do:

We want to be up-front and let you know we aren't the right ones for the job. If you need any of the following, we are not the right fit:

  • Shopping carts
    • We don't do e-commerce sites, except for the initial artwork. The only exception we make for this policy is that we will install a PayPal shopping cart. We won't work with anything else.
  • Anything to do with databases, except for WordPress
    • While we can set up and design a WordPress blog for you, we do not have the capabilities to fix it if your WordPress database becomes corrupted or develops a problem. We recommend WordPress users backup their database through their website host provider. We do not do WordPress backups.
  • We won't design websites that don't mesh with our personal values and our Christian beliefs. This includes websites having to do with pornography, alcohol (except in the context of a restaurant), smoking, drugs, and other such things. If in doubt, feel free to ask. We aren't shy about who we are and what we stand for!

Click here to see examples of our work!

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