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General Firearm Information
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General Firearm Information And Website Features

The M1 Garand site as it once was contained many things not related to M1 Garand Rifles. As I developed little anecdotes, features, and news, it seemed natural to put it on the M1 Garand site since that was my only firearms related section.

This has gotten unwieldy however and now I feel it is best to have this page as a separate section in order to facilitate dissemination of anything I may want to say that is not M1 Garand related.

The buttons on the sidebar and the art is of course still M1 Garand related - at least until such time as I decide to devote the energy to this section which will be required to make it into its own section.

FREE Offerings from Memorable Places Consulting:

  • Join Or Die FlagFree JOIN OR DIE Website Graphics
    Free - Courtesy of MemorablePlaces Consulting:
    This flag was produced as a political statement to the general community of gun owners, shooters, hunters, collectors, shotgunner, riflemen, handgunners, benchrest shooters, class 3 fans, and anyone else involved with the hunting and shooting sports. I am tired of the abject stupidity of gun owners who do not stand together when we are being presented with the greatest challenges to our rights. In addition to the free flag graphics there is a little diatribe I wrote regarding this issue.

  • Personal Firearms Basic Firearm Datasheet
    Free - Courtesy of MemorablePlaces Consulting:
    This is a form for firearm owners to record the vital information about their weapons. Simply print it and fill out the boxes! Perfect for documentation of your collection if you need to keep records for insurance or in case of loss. You may also obtain the basic firearm data sheet in Microsoft Word Format

Features You Might Find Interesting

  • Making Serial Numbers Stand Out (White Lettering techniques)
    Rifle White Lettering TechniquesEver since I first penned and photographed the M1 Garand site, I have been asked how I made the lettering on the rifles stand out. The white lettering techniques are actually VERY simple and I am pleased to present the way the I did so here. As with ALL of the website where techniques are talked about, you need to understand that this is an example of how I do things ONLY and is not a recommendation nor instructions.

  • Other Firearms Related Sites We Have Created
    Memorable Places Consulting is in fact a website design company and we are proud to have created websites for several other firearm related companies. We are very proud of these sites and would invite you to visit them for information on their products and services. Also hey its an ego trip for us to have even more of our work viewed Hahahaha :-)

    Jardine's Custom 1911 HandgunsJardine's Custom 1911 Gunsmith:
    Jardine's Custom Gunsmithing manufactures beautiful, supremely accurate, and highly reliable custom 1911 handguns. John Jardine is a master pistolsmith who has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for simply outstanding work since 1965 when he apprenticed under a truly legendary 1911 handgun expert.
    John has been a client since 2001
    Tactical Intervention Specialists - Rifle Sling SlingsTactical Intervention Specialists:
    Police Sergeant Mike Miller designs equipment for police, military, and others. Mainly involved in designing precision rifle slings, TIS is well known in the high powered tactical rifle and police/military sniper community.
    If you would like to read more about TIS's success please click here to see the letter that the president of Tactical Intervention wrote about us and how we helped his business.
    Mike has been a client since 1999

    Valtro USA Near Custom 1911 Handguns

    Valtro USA:
    Valtro USA a company making a near custom 1911 style .45 pistol that surpasses any other production or semi-custom 1911 that we have ever used.

    John has been a client since 2001

    Sniper Rifles Nor-Cal Precision Jerry Rice Riflesmith - Precision  RifleNor-Cal Precision:
    Jerry Rice is an expert riflesmith who makes the world's most accurate Remington based rifles for Police, Military, and others. He is a great precision gunsmith whose counter sniper rifles have few peers.
    Jerry has been a client since 1999
    CMP The Civilian Marksmanship Program M1 GarandCivilian Marksmanship Program - (CMP)
    The CMP is a multi-million dollar nonprofit who is responsible the disposal of government surplus rifles We built a 200+ page informational and photo rich resource for the CMP detailing the M1 Garand Rifle's Nomenclature and Accessories
    as well as Detail Stripping and Assembly of the M1 rifle. CMP asks for and receives additional help from us on occasion and we debugged and revamped their odcmp.com page a while back.
    [We did content generation - photography and text.]

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