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Site Changes, Site History, News, And Updates

Site Changes And News

June 2007 : It's been a long time since we did any M1 Garand Site updates. I went to most every page on the site and tuned the language and headers a bit.

August - 2004: Added a Frequently Asked Questions section

November - 2003: Added a 'basic data' statistics sidebar to the main page and moved some things around on that page.

August - 2003: This site was beginning to get out of control with the addition of more and more non-M1 Garand related stuff, so I have decided to break things up a little bit. Everything that you once knew is still here, it may just be moved around a bit. Please feel free to use the SEARCH THIS SITE link in order to find links to whatever you may be looking for.

MOST of what was once on the front page that is not related DIRECTLY to the M1 Garand can now be found on the General Firearms Page.

February - 2003: Have made a minor update the Gun Control Humor section in that I took off the old firearm related header and sidebar and given it a bright coat of pink paint. Someday we will redo the graphics for this area

January - 2003: After a LONG time of saying I would do so I have finally converted over the "Our Garands" and "Ammunition" sections of the site from the old look to the new one. I also added several notes as I went along but left it pretty much as I wrote it in 1999 and 2000. I did make some technical corrections to the html which will make the site flow better. There are also some additional highlights and cartouche information etc...

December - 2002: Have added a couple more items to the books and movies page.

August - 2002: MAJOR CHANGES!. We are very pleased to announce that for the second time this year the Civilian Marksmanship Program has decided to obtain portions of this website for their own.

A Little Site History

In 1999 one of the staff members of MemorablePlaces Consulting obtained an M1 Rifle from the CMP and created a small website to show it off to his online friends. One thing led to another and by March of 2000 "The M1 Garand Rifle An American Companion In Three Wars" site was complete. More details can be found on the Credits page and the Behind The Scenes Page.)

The "American Companion" site later became known to many in the community simply as "Charles M1 Newbie Page" or "Charles M1 Newbie Site" because of the fact that this website depicted many many things that new users of M1 Garand rifles need to know. This included a detailed field stripping section, a detailed nomenclature section, an accessories section and much more. The site was extremely popular among those who were new to the M1 rifle and to those who just enjoyed the photographs.

In March of 2002 the CMP became interested in part of the site and purchased all Civilian Marksmanship Programonline rights and responsibilities for the Nomenclature and Accessories sections of the site. This expanded the CMP site by roughly 100 pages and made the CMP even more of a web-destination than they were before. Just this month (August 2002) The CMP returned to MemorablePlaces and purchased all of the rights and responsibilities for the last major portion of the M1 Newbie site namely the sections on Field Stripping, Detail Stripping, and Re-Assembly of the M1 Garand Rifle.

This acquisition increased the CMP's website by nearly another 100 pages and countless photographs.

So why did we create this website? Please read all about it here.

For even more information take a behind the scenes tour of The M1 Garand - An American Companion In Three Wars (AKA: Charles' M1 Newbie Page) website.

PLEASE feel free to contact us with your comments and questions! click here to send E-Mail

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